NPBH01 Intelligent control unit cabinet ring


The NPBH01 is a software platform controller, to be used in the smart surveillance box. 

It can be connected with network switch, IP camera, flash lamp, alarm lamp, infrared detector or other equipment.

It can managed all connected equipment and with rich management function. Work with the plateform software, 

It can send alarm message when input AC power off, device power off, optical fiber link down, IP camera link down...

1 channel AC220V power input, provide 2 channels of controllable AC power output.

Provides 8 DC12V power outputs, which can be remotely controlled to detect output voltage and current.   

Support the detection of the open/close status of the box door, and the remote platform can alarm when the door is opened abnormally.

Provide 8 RS485 signal hubs and 1 RS232, compatible with various signal acquisition and information return.

Built-in unpacking lighting, cooling fan, fiber optic disk and grounding bar, etc.

Support platform software, support map, multiple product networking, remote control, alarm management, operation and maintenance, statistical analysis and other functions.