N-net's new Smart Surveillance Box NPBXQ01 helps Tibet campus construction

 Case    |      2021-07-05

Recently, Shenzhen Julian developed a new intelligent monitoring box NPBXQ01 for the construction of the Tibet campus, and delivered it to customers in a timely manner, which satisfactorily solved the customer's product needs and won praise from customers.

1. Project introduction

The project is located in the middle school district of the snow-covered plateau in Tibet. The plateau is high in altitude, the temperature is as low as minus 30 degrees in winter, and the temperature inside the box is as high as 60-70 degrees in summer, accompanied by thunderstorms and windy weather. The product environment is very harsh. Usually, for product companies, whether the product can be used in Tibet is a sad hurdle.

N-nets new Smart Surveillance Box NPBXQ01 helps Tibet campus construction(图1)

2. Project requirements

     In order to reduce maintenance difficulty and improve comprehensive management capabilities, the project adopts intelligent monitoring boxes and provides platform monitoring software to centrally monitor the working status of all boxes in the project, and monitor the working conditions of cameras, power supplies, and networks. When abnormalities occur, prompt alarms in time .

N-nets new Smart Surveillance Box NPBXQ01 helps Tibet campus construction(图2)

3. Solution

    The solution proposed by N-net stands out among many suppliers. The main advantages of this program:

1) Support for cameras: In response to project requirements, multiple DC12V channels are provided to power the cameras, and 8 electrical and 2 optical industrial switches are provided to facilitate the connection of cameras and external optical fibers. Detect the working status of the camera through "Internet" and "Electricity", and alert immediately when there is an abnormality.

2) Power failure and network failure detection: In the event of a power failure or network failure (optical fiber failure), this product uses Julian's unique technology to distinguish and accurately issue network failure and network failure alarm information.

3) Intelligent platform software: The platform software provides more than 20 types of alarm information, including mains failure, camera power supply failure, single-channel network failure, lightning protection failure, loopholes, power theft, equipment power failure and other alarm information;

The platform software provides reports on equipment online rate, failure types, and maintenance progress to provide a basis for decision-making.

N-nets new Smart Surveillance Box NPBXQ01 helps Tibet campus construction(图3)