NPBP03 Smart surveillance box


The NPBP03 is a software platform controller, to be used in the smart surveillance box. 

It can be connected with network switch, IP camera, flash lamp, alarm lamp, infrared detector or other equipment.

It can managed all connected equipment and with rich management function. Work with the platform software, 

It can send alarm message when input AC power off, device power off, optical fiber link down, IP camera link down...

1 AC220V power input, providing AC power, 1 controllable output and 1 uncontrollable output;

Support detection of the open/close status of the cabinet door, remote platform alarm for abnormal door opening, 

with backup battery, seamless switching in the case of mains power failure, to supply power to the cabinet and switch;

Built-in unpacking lighting, cooling fan, fiber optic disk and grounding bar, etc.;

The box body adopts waterproof (protection grade IP55), anti-rust treatment, suitable for long-term outdoor use;

Support platform software, support map, multiple product networking, remote control,

 alarm management, operation and maintenance, statistical analysis and other functions