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N-net Technology Co., Limited is one of the powerful and Hi-Tech companies specializing in the integration of R&D, manufacturing and marketing of optical fiber communication and Security solution. The main products include: commercial/industrial fiber media converter series, commercial/industrial fiber switches, GEPON series, fiber video converter series, EOC series and the security monitoring core system, etc. Since the establishment in 2001, N-net has built its reputation in the high quality of products and services, and the leadership in innovation.


As a part of our corporate culture, we have been doing our best to provide all our clients, including existing clients and potential clients, with accurate, fast, and professional service to their need. It is of great significance for us to help our clients make sure that their cooperation with N-net is worthwhile.


Product Quality

·ISO 9001 Quality System.

·Full-spectrum environment and electrical testing of all products design Innovative Technologies.

·Adaptation of existing equipment to specific projects or requirement.

·High channel count per fiber using electrical and optical multiplexing techniques.

·Constant upgrading of products to incorporate the latest component technology.


Product Advantage

·Low cost


·Build-in remote diagnostic capability

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